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Triple Canopy

Since 2007, Triple Canopy has advanced a model for publication that encompasses digital works of art and literature, public conversations, and books.

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  1. b-ber is both a method and an application for producing publications in a variety of formats—EPUB 3, Mobi/KF8, static website, PDF, and XML file, which can be imported into InDesign for print layou…

    JavaScript 82 1

  2. This repository contains projects that demonstrate how to use b-ber. Additional demos will be added for different use-cases on an ongoing basis.


  3. This is a template to develop b-ber themes.


  4. Alongslide is a responsive, horizontal presentation framework for long-form reading on the web, employing a lightweight templating syntax for Markdown.

    CoffeeScript 41 3

  5. Alongslide demo Rails project

    Ruby 2

  6. Forked from adamflorin/horizonize

    Horizonize is a jQuery plugin to lay out any HTML content in horizontally-scrolling columns.

    JavaScript 7


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