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Canopy Canopy Canopy, Inc.

Canopy Canopy Canopy, Inc.


Alongslide is a responsive, parallax-inspired presentation framework for long-form reading on the web, employing a lightweight templating syntax for Markdown.

Updated December 16, 2013

CoffeeScript 3 0


RegionFlow is a polyfill++ for CSS Regions.

Updated December 09, 2013

JavaScript 0 13


forked from adobe-webplatform/css-regions-polyfill

Experimental CSS Regions polyfill written in JavaScript

Updated October 18, 2013

JavaScript 2 1,534


forked from Prinzhorn/skrollr

Stand-alone parallax scrolling library for mobile (Android + iOS) and desktop. No jQuery. Just plain JavaScript (and some love).

Updated October 18, 2013

JavaScript 0 97


forked from stevenbenner/jquery-powertip

A jQuery plugin that creates hover tooltips.

Updated October 15, 2013

JavaScript 0 315


forked from joemccann/dillinger

The last Markdown editor, ever.

Updated August 28, 2013

JavaScript 0 414


forked from johnpolacek/superscrollorama

The jQuery plugin for supercool scroll animation

Updated February 02, 2013


forked from vmg/redcarpet

The safe Markdown parser, reloaded, with footnotes.

Updated November 28, 2012

JavaScript 5 4


forked from adamflorin/horizonize

Horizonize is a jQuery plugin to lay out any HTML content in horizontally-scrolling columns.

Updated January 16, 2011

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