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An api to manage books and their authors.
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Library API

An api to manage books and their authors.

Getting Started

This section is intended for software developers. If you have rights to the repo, simply clone the repo. If you do not have rights to the repo, you may fork the repo and clone your fork.

$ git clone <clone url>
$ cd libary-api
$ npm install

Environment Variables

You'll need to create a local .env file to store your application's secret. Follow these steps to generate and store the secrets.

  1. Create a COUCH_URL environment variable: Using Cloudant for example or a local instance of CouchDB, create an API key for the database. Store the key and password within your .env file. Use the key and password to create an environment variable named COUCH_URL using this pattern COUCH_URL=https://<key>:<password>@<your base url>/.


  1. Create a PORT environment variable used by the client application to connect and communicate with your api.


  1. Create a COUCH_DATABASE environment variable. The name of the database.



Starting the api

Run the following command to start the api on localhost:4000.

$ npm start



Create a book - POST /books

Add a book to the collection of books by providing a new book resource in the request body.


POST /books

  "title": "A Brave New World",
  "author": "author_aldous_huxley",
  "type": "book",
  "publisher": "Penguin Books",
  "ISBN": "12947281",
  "genre": "Fiction",
  "description": "Brave New World is a novel written in 1931 by Aldous Huxley, and published in 1932. Set in London in the year AD 2540 (632 A.F.—'After Ford'—in the book), the novel anticipates developments in reproductive technology, sleep-learning, psychological manipulation, and classical conditioning that are combined to make a profound change in society.",
  "rating": 95,
  "prices": [
    {"type": "paperback", "price": 9.99},
    {"type": "hardback", "price": 19.99},
    {"type": "audio", "price": 19.99},
    {"type": "kindle", "price": 12.99}

Response 200

  "ok": true,
  "id": "book_brave_new_world",
  "rev": "1-A6157A5EA545C99B00FF904EEF05FD9F"

Get a book - GET /books/{id}

Retrieves a single book by the book {id} route parameter.

Route Parameters

  • id - used to identify a book in the collection of books.

Update a book - PUT /books/{id}

Updates a single book by the book {id} route parameter.

List the books - GET /books

TODO: Search the books = GET /books?[author][genre][publisher]

Query Parameters

  • author
  • publisher
  • genre

Example GET \books?author=William F Buckley

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