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Multi-block private information retrieval (MB-PIR)
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Multi-block private information retrieval (MB-PIR)

Private Information Retrieval (PIR) allows users to retrieve information from a database without revealing which information in the database was queried. The traditional information-theoretic PIR schemes utilize multiple servers to download a single data block, thus incurring high communication overhead and high computation burdens. In this paper, we develop an information-theoretic multi-block PIR scheme that significantly reduces client communication and computation overheads by downloading multiple data blocks at a time. The design of k-safe binary matrices insures the information will not be revealed even if up to k servers collude. Our scheme has much lower overhead than classic PIR schemes. The implementation of fast XOR operations benefits both servers and clients in reducing coding and decoding time. Our work demonstrates that multiblock PIR scheme can be optimized to simultaneously achieve low communication and computation overhead, comparable to even non-PIR systems, while maintaining a high level of privacy.

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