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Lip Popping Recognizer

This project implements a simple algorithm for recognizing when the user makes a popping noise with their lips. The plan is to use this in concert with my eye tracker as a way to click without using my hands.

It is currently being rewritten as a Vamp plugin in C++. I develop the Vamp plugin in Sublime Text, compile it to a dylib and then load it in Sonic Visualizer which is a great tool for developing audio recognition algorithms.

I plan on expanding this to recognize other mouth noises. This is an unsolved problem in audio recognition as it has very different goals from other domains like speech recognition:

  1. Noises are much easier to distinguish from each other. You can look at a spectrograph and identify if something is the noise you want, not so for a spoken word.
  2. Goal is to be resource efficient and real-time. Generally speech recognizers don't do this because good results require heavy processing.
  3. Highly reliable, very low false positives only a few false negatives. This is only possible because of the ease of distinguishing.

Sonic Visualizer Screenshot


The top row is a spectrograph, the middle is a debug visualization of the algorithm state, the bottom row is the waveform and some parameters. The red lines on the bottom row are when a lip pop can be recognized (if it was real time), the three lip pops and three non-pops are correctly classified.

This is the layout I use for debugging the algorithm, Sonic Visualizer allows me to inspect values and scroll and zoom around the test audio file.


Run make -f Makefile.osx on osx, change the .osx to the correct Makefile if you are on another platform.


Detecting lip popping noises to trigger an action.







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