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#include <vamp/vamp.h>
#include <vamp-sdk/PluginAdapter.h>
#include "PopDetector.h"
#include "TssDetector.h"
#include "TemplateDetector.h"
// Declare one static adapter here for each plugin class in this library.
static Vamp::PluginAdapter<PopDetector> popAdapter;
static Vamp::PluginAdapter<TssDetector> tssAdapter;
static Vamp::PluginAdapter<TemplateDetector> templateAdapter;
// This is the entry-point for the library, and the only function that
// needs to be publicly exported.
const VampPluginDescriptor *
vampGetPluginDescriptor(unsigned int version, unsigned int index)
if (version < 1) return 0;
// Return a different plugin adaptor's descriptor for each index,
// and return 0 for the first index after you run out of plugins.
// (That's how the host finds out how many plugins are in this
// library.)
switch (index) {
case 0: return popAdapter.getDescriptor();
case 1: return tssAdapter.getDescriptor();
case 2: return templateAdapter.getDescriptor();
default: return 0;