See all your code rendered at once and zoom around it using Rust & GPU rendering.
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Faiyels is a source code visualizer that shows the code in all the files of your program in a massive overview kind of like Sublime Text's minimap so you can see the size and texture of all the files. It uses my syntect library to do syntax highlighting. It is written in Rust using Gfx and Conrod. It is currently quite basic and just shows all the files in a directory and lets you zoom around.

It's reasonably fast and can render millions of boxes at 60fps thanks to instancing, and the fact that each character is just 2 polygons.

Demo GIF


  • Draw lots of rectangles
  • Draw lots of rectangles in the same places as a piece of text
  • Draw lots of rectangles in the same places as the text in a file
  • Add controls to navigate and zoom around
  • Draw many files at once in a useful arrangement
  • Colour the rectangles according to syntax highlighting
  • Show actual letters when you zoom in enough