Graphing program that follows science class conventions.
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HandyGraph is a program for generating PDF graphs of simple x-y data. The graphs follow all the conventions of Bell High School's science department so IF you were to trace the points onto metric grid paper you could hand in the graph and the teacher would not be able to distinguish it from one drawn by hand.

I may or may not trace graphs created by this program for my Physics assignments. My teacher only said that we had to DRAW the graphs by hand, not find the points.

Note: The reason given for why the class always has to draw graphs by hand is apparently "What if you have to do Physics when the power is out?"

Web App

To run the web app first run bundle install to install the require Ruby gems. Then run ruby app.rb to start the server. You can then find it at localhost:4567.


Do not trace the graphs of this program and hand them in if your teacher has specified that you must not only draw the graph by hand but also find the points. Just because it is actually impossible to distinguish a graph made by tracing from a proper one doesn't mean you should cheat.

However, if your teacher neglected to say that finding the points using a tool is not allowed ...