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A port of libdlusb to the mac. Sync your Timex DataLink USB watch to a mac computer.

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About the Port

This is a port of libdlusb from libusb to signal 11's hidapi

All the changes are made in the makefiles,usb_libusb.h and usb_libusb.c

The old files are kept in the old folder


This software can cause severe damage to your Timex Data Link USB watch. Use at your own risk.

Be prepared to do hard-reset!


libdlusb is a library used to communicate with the Timex Data Link USB watch on various UN*X operating systems. The library can be built with two USB libraries: libusb (OS-independent USB library) and usbhid (USB HID library for *BSD).

The communication protocol was implemented based on "Data Link USB Communication Protocol and Database Design Guide," which is distributed by Timex Corporation.



  1. Create Makefile. The configure script generates Makefile for libusb support by default:

    ./configure --prefix=$HOME

  2. Build the library and test programs:


  3. Install programs under $HOME/bin (${prefix}/bin):

    make install

  4. Edit $HOME/.dlusbrc

Now you have libdlusb.a and several test programs. If you want a shared library, add --enable-shared option to configure (./configure --enable-shared) and run make.


If you find a bug or write a useful program with the library, please let me know:

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