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nvALT 2 (Tristan's fork)

This is a fork of nvAlt 2 with additional quality of life fixes by Tristan Hume. Check out the releases page for a build signed with my dev key and with a Simperium API key installed.

Fixed so far:

  • Tab now always shifts right, shift-tab shifts left
  • Fix bug in shift right that caused it to shift by incorrect amounts when cursor wasn't at start of line.

Old Readme

A collaboration between Brett Terpstra (ttscoff) and David Halter (ElasticThreads) based on DivineDominion's fork. nvALT adds a few features we'd been looking for (and let me get some coding practice).


About nvALT

nvALT is a fork of the original Notational Velocity with some additional features and some interface modifications. It is a work in progress. I'm not listing it as a beta, as that would imply that it was on its way to being its own product. It's an experiment, and I hope you enjoy it!

What it is

Notational Velocity is a way to take notes quickly and effortlessly using just your keyboard. You press a shortcut to bring up the window and just start typing. It will begin searching existing notes, filtering them as you type. You can use ⌘-J and ⌘-K to move through the list. Enter selects and begins editing. If you're creating a new note, you just type a unique title and press enter to move the cursor into a blank edit area. Check out the descriptions at for a more eloquent synopsis.

Additional Features

nvALT adds:

  • Widescreen (horizontal) layout option
  • Shortcut (⌘-⌥-N) to collapse the notes panel
  • Markdown, Textile and MultiMarkdown support with Preview window
  • HTML source code tab in the Preview window for fast copy/paste to blogs, etc.
  • Unique interface design changes
  • Fixes for a couple of bugs/annoyances
  • Customizable HTML and CSS files for the Preview window
    • You can use Javascript in the templates to do a few neat tricks


After the first time you run the Preview window, look in ~/Library/Application Support/Notational Velocity and you'll find two files: template.html and custom.css. If you're handy with HTML and CSS, feel free to customize these in whatever way you like. You can add Javascript as well, but you'll need to load external scripts from a url or using a full file:// path. If worst comes to worst, you can just delete or rename your customizations and the default files will be put back in place automatically.



Fork of nvAlt that improves indentation behaviour and fixes bugs



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