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Breaking changes and major new features

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@trishume trishume released this 09 Oct 00:21
· 473 commits to master since this release

This is a major release with multiple breaking API changes, although upgrading shouldn't be too difficult. It fixes bugs and comes with some nice new features.

Breaking changes and upgrading

  • The SyntaxSet API has been revamped to use a builder and an arena of contexts. See example usage.
  • Many functions now need to be passed the SyntaxSet that goes with the rest of their arguments because of this new arena.
  • Filename added to LoadingError::ParseSyntax
  • Many functions in the html module now take the newlines version of syntaxes.
    • These methods have also been renamed, partially so that code that needs updating doesn't break without a compile error.
    • The HTML they output also treats newlines slightly differently and I think more correctly but uglier when you look at the HTML.

Breaking rename upgrade guide

  • SyntaxSet::add_syntax -> SyntaxSetBuilder::add
  • SyntaxSet::load_syntaxes -> SyntaxSetBuilder::add_from_folder
  • SyntaxSet::load_plain_text_syntax -> SyntaxSetBuilder::add_plain_text_syntax
  • html::highlighted_snippet_for_string -> html::highlighted_html_for_string: also change to newlines SyntaxSet
  • html::highlighted_snippet_for_file -> html::highlighted_html_for_file: also change to newlines SyntaxSet
  • html::styles_to_coloured_html -> html::styled_line_to_highlighted_html: also change to newlines SyntaxSet
  • html::start_coloured_html_snippet -> html::start_highlighted_html_snippet: return type also changed

Major changes and new features

  • Use arena for contexts (#182 #186 #187 #190 #195): This makes the code cleaner, enables use of syntaxes from multiple threads, and prevents accidental misuse.
    • This involves a new SyntaxSetBuilder API for constructing new SyntaxSets
    • See the revamped parsyncat example.
  • Encourage use of newlines (#197 #207 #196): The nonewlines mode is often buggy so we made it easier to use the newlines mode.
    • Added a LinesWithEndings utility for iterating over the lines of a string with \n characters.
    • Reengineer the html module to use newlines syntaxes.
  • Add helpers for modifying highlighted lines (#198): For use cases like highlighting a piece of text in a blog code snippet or debugger. This allows you to reach into the highlighted spans and add styles.
    • Check out split_at and modify_range in the util module.
  • New ThemeSet::add_from_folder function (#200): For modifying existing theme sets.

Bug Fixes

  • Improve nonewlines regex rewriting: #212 #211
  • Reengineer theme application to match Sublime: #209
  • Also mark contexts referenced by name as "no prototype" (same as ST): #180
  • keep with_prototype when switching contexts with set: #177 #166
  • Fix unused import warning: #174
  • Ignore trailing dots in selectors: #173
  • Fix embed to not include prototypes: #172 #160

Upgraded dependencies

  • plist: 0.2 -> 0.3
  • regex: 0.2 -> 1.0
  • onig: 3.2.1 -> 4.1