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Cryptojam is a small web site where you can solve cryptograms, created for the 10K Apart contest in 2016. The challenge was to build a web site for which an initial usable page could be delivered in 10 kilobytes or less. This entry earned an honorable mention!

The database contains over 100 puzzles of varying lengths and difficulties. The site is usable without JavaScript, but works much better with it.

Tip: use the left and right arrow buttons to navigate between letter fields.

For the longest puzzle in the database, the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files for the initial page total about 12.5 KB uncompressed, but less than 4 KB when gzipped. Even after you read the instructions and check the solution, the total amount of data sent is under 7 KB.

In addition to the contest site, you can see this project in action at

To see the longest puzzle, use ID thoE (add ?p=thoE to the end of the URL). If you're not big on cryptograms, I'd suggest trying PMnS or jcpO.


Hopefully it goes without saying, but just in case: the use of any quotations in this web site does not imply that the quoted person endorses this project, nor that the author of this project, nor the administrators of the 10K Apart contest, endorse the person being quoted or the sentiment expressed by the quotation.


I am grateful to (among others) the following resources which helped me build this site:


A web site where you can solve cryptograms







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