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JSON-LD implementation for Java
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This is a Java implementation of the JSON-LD specification (


From Maven


Code example

// Open a valid json(-ld) input file
InputStream inputStream = new FileInputStream("input.json");
// Read the file into an Object (The type of this object will be a List, Map, String, Boolean,
// Number or null depending on the root object in the file).
Object jsonObject = JSONUtils.fromInputStream(inputStream);
// Call whichever JSONLD function you want! (e.g. compact)
Object compact = JSONLD.compact(jsonObject);
// Print out the result (or don't, it's your call!)

Processor options

The Options specified by the JSON-LD API Specification are accessible via the com.github.jsonldjava.core.Options class, and each JSONLD.* function has an optional input to take an instance of this class.

RDF implementation specific code

All code specific to various RDF implementations (e.g. jena, sesame, etc) are stored in the integration modules. Readmes for how to use these modules should be present in their respective folders.


This is a simple application which provides command line access to JSON-LD functions

initial setup

chmod +x ./jsonldplayground


run the following to get usage details:


For Developers

Compiling & Packaging

jsonld-java uses maven to compile. From the base jsonld-java module run mvn install -DskipTests=true to install the jar into your local maven repository.

Running tests

mvn test


mvn test -pl core

to run only core package tests

Generating Implementation Report

Implementation Reports conforming to the JSON-LD Implementation Report document can be generated using the following command:

mvn test -pl core -Dtest=JSONLDProcessorTest -Dreport.format=<format>

Current possible values for <format> include JSON-LD (application/ld+json or jsonld), NQuads (text/plain, nquads, ntriples, nq or nt) and Turtle (text/turtle, turtle or ttl). * can be used to generate reports in all available formats.



  • Bump to version 0.2
  • Updated Turtle integration
  • Added Caching of contexts loaded from URI
  • Added source formatting eclipse config
  • Fixed up seasame integration package names
  • Replaced depreciated Jackson code


  • Added Turtle RDFParser and TripleCallback
  • Changed Maven groupIds to com.github.jsonld-java to match github domain.
  • Released version 0.1


  • Updated core code to match JSON-LD 1.0 Processing Algorithms and API / W3C Editor's Draft 14 May 2013
  • Deprecated JSONLDSerializer in favor of the RDFParser interface to better represent the purpose of the interface and better fit in with the updated core code.
  • Updated the JSONLDTripleCallback to better fit with the updated code.
  • Updated the Playground tool to support updated core code.


  • Changed base package names to com.github.jsonldjava
  • Reverted version to 0.1-SNAPSHOT to allow version incrementing pre 1.0 while allowing a 1.0 release when the json-ld spec is finalised.
  • Turned JSONLDTripleCallback into an interface.


  • Updated to Sesame 2.7.0, Jena 2.10.0, Jackson 2.1.4
  • Fixing a character encoding issue in the JSONLDProcessorTests
  • Bumping to 1.0.1 to reflect dependency changes


  • Brought the implementation up to date with the reference implementation (minus the normalization stuff)
  • Changed entry point for the functions to the static functions in the JSONLD class
  • Changed the JSONLDSerializer to an abstract class, requiring the implementation of a "parse" function. The JSONLDSerializer is now passed to the JSONLD.fromRDF function.
  • Added JSONLDProcessingError class to handle errors more efficiently
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