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Cross-platform native GUI client for the Hackathon Günther Daemon
Pascal Shell
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About Hgdc-X

Hgdc-X is a cross-platform desktop client for the Hackathon Gunther Daemon music player project. It requires you to be running an hgd server on your local network. The official GitHub repository for the server can be found at

Hgdc-X is a feature complete GUI client for hgd, including SSL encryption and administrative commands. It is written in cross-platform Lazarus/Freepascal and is designed to target Linux (GTK), OS X (Carbon) and Windows (Win32). Other targets and widget sets, for example FreeBSD are possible but untested.


Hgdc-X will build with no additional libraries (except for synapse and imagelib, which are statically linked and included in the source tree), with Lazarus 0.9.30 or later, which can be downloaded from the website at


Installers for the latest version can be downloaded from the offical website at


Hgdc-X is licensed with a permissive BSD style licence, please refer to the COPYING file for more details. The main icon is by Lucy Lindsell of and is released under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND. Other icons are from the Fat Cow icon set, which is Creative Commons licensed and can be found at


There is an IRC channel at #hgdcx on I can be found in there for any questions or conversation about Hgdc-X. Commits are also posted there as they happen.


Thanks to the hgd developers, Edd and Mex for such a great music daemon, and hence the opportunity for this client to exist. Thanks to Hannah for "GUI consultancy", Shaun for DEB/RPM packaging and Ed for testing the PowerPC OS X builds.

Copyright (C) Tristan Linnell 2013


If you find hgdc-x useful, please buy me a beer! :) Buy me a beer, Flattr hgdc-x

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