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  • Shortcut for toggling an item as read or unread.
  • Shortcut for refreshing the current or all feeds.
  • Ensure feeds and items are visible when selected, specifically when using the keyboard navigation.
  • Save basic feed information, and possibly items, in local storage.
  • Automatically refresh feeds every N minutes. Dependent on local storage.
  • Move away from Rails and perhaps use a simple Express server instead.


  • Provide hooks for manipulating item content via JavaScript.
  • Allow user scripts to be installed via local storage, rather than relying on users to use browser extensions to inject customizations.
  • Similar functionality for custom CSS.


  • Show older items first and start at the youngest read item.
  • Remove the feed list and default the item list to all items.
  • Remove the feed list and hide the item list by default, focusing completely on content.
  • Remove the feed and item list completely and only show new items, one at a time. This would assume you use some sort of "Read Later" service for later consumption.