A Lita handler that performs translation and live interpretation with Google Translate.
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lita-google-translate is a handler for Lita that performs translation and live interpretation with Google Translate.


Add lita-google-translate to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-google-translate"


In order to use this plugin, you must obtain a Google Translate API key.

Lita.configure do |config|
  config.handlers.google_translate.api_key = "YOUR API KEY GOES HERE"

Optional attributes

  • default_language (String) - The code corresponding to the desired target language for translation and interpretation when none is explicitly given. Default: en
Lita.configure do |config|
  config.handlers.google_translate.default_language = "ja"


Using the translate (or t) command will translate a given phrase. Source and/or target languages may be optionally specified using the syntax translate(FROM:TO)

<me>   lita: translate hola
<lita> Hello
<me>   lita: t(es) hello
<lita> Hola
<me>   lita: translate(zh-cn:fr) 你好
<lita> Bonjour
<me>   lita: translate(zh-cn:) 你好
<lita> Hello
<me>   lita: translate(:es) hello
<lita> Hola

Using the interpret command will interpret your messages on the fly until you type !interpret. Again, source and/or target languages may be optionally specified using the syntax interpret(FROM:TO)

<me>   lita: interpret(fr)
<me>   i don't want to talk to you anymore, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper
<lita> je ne veux plus parler de vous, vous animaux tête vide mangeoire glace
<me>   i fart in your general direction!
<lita> Je pète dans votre direction générale!
<me>   your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries
<lita> votre mère était un hamster et votre père avait une odeur de baies de sureau
<me>   !interpret

Supported languages

This list can be accessed within your chat client by sending Lita the command: languages

Language Code
Afrikaans af
Albanian sq
Arabic ar
Belarusian be
Bulgarian bg
Catalan ca
Simplified Chinese zh-CN
Traditional Chinese zh-TW
Croatian hr
Czech cs
Danish da
Dutch nl
English en
Estonian et
Filipino (Tagalog) tl
Finnish fi
French fr
Galician gl
German de
Greek el
Haitian Creole ht
Hebrew iw
Hindi hi
Hungarian hu
Icelandic is
Indonesian id
Irish (Gaelic) ga
Italian it
Japanese ja
Latvian lv
Lithuanian lt
Macedonian mk
Malay ms
Maltese mt
Norwegian no
Persian (Farsi) fa
Polish pl
Portuguese pt
Romanian ro
Russian ru
Serbian sr
Slovak sk
Slovenian sl
Spanish es
Swahili sw
Swedish sv
Thai th
Turkish tr
Ukrainian uk
Vietnamese vi
Welsh cy
Yiddish yi


lita-google-translate's live interpretation feature was inspired by and adapted from lita-translation.