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Snake game made in Go! 🐍
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Snake Go Report Card Build Status

This is a Terminal based snake game made by tristangoossens. GitHub followers
Please star this repository to help my first big project grow! GitHub stars
Documentation can be found at

Try on

The game

Here is a GIF of the second version of the game! For version 1 click here.


Game settings

Here is a demo on how the game settings panel works. for more information on this click here.


Save score

You need to clone the repository in order to use this function, for more information click here.


How to play

First of all you will need Go, you can find more information here.

When you have installed Go, you will need to install the game:

go get

Then play it using the following command:


Bucket list for future versions

  • Implementation of the skull mechanic
  • Implement game difficulty options: easy, normal, hard
  • Add a setting panel for a user to change the color of the snake, food and border
  • Implement a restart button / quit button on gameoverscreen
  • Add score to Gameover screen
  • Add instructions to the sidepanel
  • Let user adjust arena size and snake speed(flags?)
  • (could)Add function to check terminal size and adjust accordingly
  • (could)Make a local database to save highscores. (markdown file)
  • Add test files for all game files


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