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Removed reference to parsing multiple program files at once from README

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@@ -35,16 +35,18 @@ For command usage try `./ometajsnode -h` or `./ometajsnode --help`
from the `bin` directory:
-`./ometajsnode -g ../spec/data/grammar_to_ir.ometajs --grammar-match expr -o output.file ../spec/data/program.file ../spec/data/program2.file --debug`
+`./ometajsnode -g ../spec/data/grammar_to_ir.ometajs --grammar-match expr -o output.file ../spec/data/program.file --debug`
Let's breakdown that command step by step:
* `-g ../spec/data/grammar_to_ir.ometajs` specifies the file containing ometajs grammar to use
* `--grammar-match expr` specifies 'expr' as the root element of the grammar for the parser to try to match
* `-o output.file` specifies the file to which output will be written ( if `-o` is not present, output is directed to `stdout` )
-* `../spec/data/program.file ../spec/data/program2.file` specifies two programs to process
+* `../spec/data/program.file` specifies the program to process
* `--debug` sets mode to debug, which will display a lot of information detailing the execution process
#### Combined parser and interpreter example:
from the `bin` directory:
@@ -55,6 +57,8 @@ This command uses grammar that also interprets, so the `output.file` will contai
* `--verbose` sets mode to verbose, which is not as detailed as `debug`, but will give you more detailed information
#### Parser to intermediate representation which then is interpreted example:
from the `bin` directory:
@@ -65,6 +69,8 @@ We introduce the `--pipe` option here:
* `--pipe` indicates that the input has been previously generated by `ometajsnode`. notice that we are piping output from one `ometajsnode` to another; `--pipe` is a flag that lets `ometajsnode` know that it is working with input formatted by itself
#### Parser to intermediate representation, then intermediate representation to "assembly" code example:
from the `bin` directory:

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