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Explanation of stability index
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inspired/copied from the Node.js stability index

Stability: 0 - Deprecated

This repository/feature is known to be problematic or abandoned. Do not rely on it. Use of the feature/repo may cause warnings. Backwards compatibility should not be expected.

Stability: 1 - Experimental

This repository/feature was introduced recently, and may change or be removed in the future. Please try it out and provide feedback. If it addresses a use-case that is important to you, tell the author.

Stability: 2 - Stable

The API has proven satisfactory, but cleanup in the underlying code may cause minor changes. Backwards-compatibility will not be broken unless absolutely necessary. (If backwards-compatiblity is broken, new semver MAJOR version will be released)

Stability: 3 - Locked

Only fixes related to security, performance, or bug fixes will be accepted. Please do not suggest API changes in this area; they will be refused.

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