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swake is a simple task execution tool that executes a swake task.


npm install swake -g


to execute the example swake task run the following:

swake echoer 'print this task' --swake-path /path/to/example/folder

swake will treat --swake-path as a root folder and will attempt to find a file called echoer.swake.js. If it is found, swake will require it and run it with the provided arguments ( See: example/echoer.swake.js ).

if environment variable SWAKE_PATH exists, swake will use that as the root folder.

env SWAKE_PATH=/path/to/example/folder swake echoer 'print this task'

Additionally, it is easy to embed swake tasks in a foldier hierarchy. For example:

swake deeper:echoer 'print this task' --swake-path /path/to/example/folder