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What is it?

These are my personal dotfiles, minus secure items. This is mainly for the sake of putting them under revision control and to make it easier for me to setup a new environment than to be for general use. It still has references to my home directory, etc. (although I'll try to improve this and make it slightly more reusable).


# From your home directory
git clone dotfiles
cd dotfiles

This will move any existing files out of the way and symlink the contents of ~/dotfiles into place. Look at the files list in to see which files were moved. If you have ~/.ssh folder for example it will be moved away and replaced with a symlink to an empty folder. You will want to move the contents of ~/.ssh.old to ~/dotfiles/.ssh (.ssh is in .gitignore for security reasons) or just ~/.ssh and likewise with any other files you didn't want moved.

Other setup steps

(TODO: automate these steps)

  • Installing Vim:
brew install lua
brew install vim --with-lua