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Trisul Apps

Installable dashboards, custom analytics, and other extensions to the Trisul Network Analytics Platform

  1. Dashboards : New visualization and dashboards
  2. Analytics : Real Time packet analysis tools, metrics, and other extensions
  3. Hunting : Tools to analyze saved data


To install these tools

  1. Login as admin
  2. Go to Webadmin > Manage > Apps
  3. Click on the App you want to install
  4. For each App click on the README link for additional instructions

LUA analyzer

APP Name Description
Alienvault OTX Scans your traffic against AlienVault OTX Intel, needs IOC-Harvestor APP
FireHOL checker Alerts if activity seen from FireHOL blacklist
Geo based on IP2Location db Geo based metering to Trisul using the IP2Location LITE databases
HTTP Proxy Extracts metrics in HTTP Proxy
IOC Harvestor Harvests intel items into a single resource stream from different places in Trisul pipeline
Passive DNS Extractor Extracts IP to Domain map
PingMON Large scale PING reachability and latency monitor
Protocol Tree Metrics Generates metrics in a protocol tree
Prune Encrypted PCAP Prunes high volume encrypted Netflix/YouTube from PCAP storage
Prune TLS from PCAP storage Dont store TLS traffic
SNI TLS Metrics Traffic metrics from TLS Server Name Indication
SNMP Poller SNMP Poller for Interface Usage
SSH Events SSH Login and Tunnel
Squid Proxy Metrics Extracts metrics from proxy servers traffic
Save Binaries Extract binary files, PDF, Flash from traffic
Suricata via EVE UnixSocket Suricata alerts via EVE Unix Socket
TCP Analyzer Identify hosts experiencing TCP performance
TLS Fingerprinter Generates and tracks TLS Fingerprint indicators
TLS Metrics Pack Generates extra metrics and relationships in TLS traffic
CIDR Tagger Tags flows with CIDR subnets
Umbrella Top-1M Tracks DNS queries outside the Top-1-Million

JS Dashboards

APP Name Description
Country Analytics Drilldown View country mappings for routers and interfaces
Daily Key Report Shows daily usage report for key
Edge vertex Monitor Show usage report for selected guid,meters and keys
Geo IP Lookup Shows the ip look up
ISP Country Analytics View country mappings for routers and interfaces
ISP Home Prefixes Analytics View home prefixes mappings for routers and interfaces
ISP External Prefixes Analytics View external prefixes mappings for routers and interfaces
ISP Overview Top level dashboard for ISP
ISP Router Geo Map View country locations for your router
IXP Analytics L2 IXP Traffic Analytics
Key Space Explorer Search all active key space and get total usage
Multi Probe Charts Draw a multi-probe chart
Path Analytics Shows the top used AS PATHS
Peering Analytics View ASN mappings for routers and interfaces
Peering Analytics Drilldown View ASN mappings for routers and interfaces
PCAP Totals Shows total summary of pcap file
Prefix Analytics Drilldown View Prefix mappings for routers and interfaces
Protocol Tree Viewer View metrics in a Protocol Tree
Sankey Crossdrill Show sankey chart for crosskey filter counter group
Search Keys Search keys to check any usage activity in your network
Security Overview - Internal Hosts Shows IDS and Badfellas alerts count for internal hosts
Super search host earch all hosts by domain name and print total usage of each.
Usage Activity Heatmap Shows key activity usage in d3 heatmap visualization Day/Hour

Package Dashboard

APP Name Description
DNS monitoring DNS Custom Metrics and dashboards
ISP Dashboard Pack Some useful dashboards for ISP Analytics
Probe Performance System performance of Trisul Probes
Save Binaries Monitoring Dashboards for the Save Binaries App
Simple executive Top Inbound , Outbound Apps and risky traffics
TCP Analysis TCP analyzer dashboards


Plugin packages that provide custom visualizations and analytics capabilities to Trisul Network Analytics.



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