A Lua helper library for creating network protocol dissectors
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BITMAUL - The Mauler of packetz


BITMAUL is a LUA helper library to help you write protocol dissectors.

It consists of two libs you can use independently.

  1. sweepbuf : Extract protocol fields from a chunk of bytes Sweepbuf docs
  2. pdurecord : Constructs TCP records from bytestream PDURecord docs


Just put the files sweepbuf.lua and pdurecord.lua in the same directory as your LUA scripts.

Bitmaul Docs

SweepBuf documentation

Sweepbuf works on a LUA string which represents a network payload byte array. The library maintains an internal "pointer" so you can use methods like next_XYZ(..) to extract fields. Common network idioms like endian-ness, searching for terminators, looping over attribute values, are all supported.

Read SweepBuf Documentation

PDURecord documentation

A common first step in any stream based packet dissection is breaking up a bytestream into Protocol Data Units (PDUs also know as records/messages). PDURecord is a tiny library that makes it really easy to do this.

Read PDURecord Documentation

Typical uses

  • for a TCP based analyzer which needs reassembly, you typically need to use both PDURecord and SweepBuf
  • for a UDP/Ethernet analyzer, which does not need reassembly, you only need SweepBuf


Take a look at the TCP Analyzer example for a feel for what SweepBuf looks like

For more, see the examples directory