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Docker : trisul-probe

trisul-probe builds the Docker image for a Trisul Probe node

docker pull trisulnsm/trisul-probe 

Bringing a new Trisul-Probe online

The following steps connect the new probe to a Trisul distributed monitoring domain.

1. Obtain certificates from the Trisul-Domain administrator

The domain admin will assign a name to the new probe like probeEAST1. This is shown as ..XYZ in the listings below

The following certificates and keys will be given to you by the admin. See For Hub Administrators

  1. domain0.cert - the domain certificate (public key) file
  2. probeXYZ.cert - the probe certificate (public key) file
  3. probeXYZ.cert_secret - the probe private key file

2. Create a docker volume on your local storage

Put above three files given to you by the Hub administrator in that volume.

Substitute the actual probe name instead of probeEAST11

sudo mkdir /home/unpl/probeEAST11data
sudo cp domain0.cert /home/unpl/probeEAST11data
sudo cp probeEAST11.cert /home/unpl/probeEAST11data
sudo cp probeEAST11.cert_secret /home/unpl/probeEAST11data

3. Initialize a probe with the certificate

This step installs the certificate-key pair on the probe

docker run --name=probe1a --net=host \
      -v /home/unpl/probeEAST11data:/trisulroot \
	      -d trisulnsm/trisul-probe   \
		      --install-probe domain0  probeEAST11

# to check progress 
docker logs -f probe1a 

4. Stop the container, now it is initialized and ready to run

docker stop probe1a
docker rm probe1a

5. Start a probe on interface wlp4s0

Use the --probe-id argument to use the correct probe certificate

docker run --name=probe1a --net=host \
      -v /home/unpl/probeEAST11data:/trisulroot \
	      -d trisulnsm/trisul-probe   \
		      --probe-id probeEAST11 \
				   --interface wlp4s0 

More steps

Your new probe should now be online and connected to the distributed domain. Use the following commands inside the docker container to confirm

# login to the container
docker exec -it /bin/bash probe1a

# check status from the CLI 
   list probes
   info context

For Hub Administrators

When you get a request for a new probe, you need to provide the following three credentials.

  1. domain certificate
  2. probe certificate containing the new ProbeName
  3. probe private key

1. Select a unique name for the new probe

Assign a unique and meaningful name to the new probe.

To select a unique probe name, use trisulctl_hub info context default to see all existing probes

2. Create a probe cert + key

You can create this on any probe node. You just need the trisulctl_probe CLI tool

trisulctl_probe create probe
  enter name
  enter description

3. Send the credentials to the probe

Send the following to the probe requestor

  1. The new probe cert+key will be found in /usr/local/share/trisul-probe/probeXX.cert and cert_secret.
  2. The domain cert can be found in /usr/local/etc/trisul-hub/domain0/domain0.cert

4. Authorize this on the hub

Only when you perform this step can the new probe connect to your domain.

trisulctl_hub install probe probeXYZ.cert 
trisulctl_hub set config default@hub0 addlayer=probeXYZ 

For more details see Trisul Documentation , Step 5 and Step 6 in Deploy a new probe