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Library to lookup IPv4 address with focus on speed
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Library to lookup IPv4 address with focus on speed. See ftrie.h for the backing datastructure - a modified version of a RADIX Trie

Currently supports the Maxmind GeoLite2 CSV databases. You can support any other CSV database by supplying the custom CSV parsing code in GeoAPI.cpp

The primary use case is network analytics that requires a very high speed lookup. We found the MMDB format and the libmaxmind API too slow to use in our high speed network analytics application - Trisul Network Analytics

Using the API

To install this library follow the usual process. The API file is installed in /usr/local/include/GeoAPI.h

make  && make install
link your app with -lftrie 

The API features a single call GeoIP_by_ipnum() that returns a Key and a Label for a 32-Bit ip number. The Key is a short string such as Country Code "US/UK/IN" and Label is the expanded version such as "United States". You can roll higher level primitives on top of this basic API.

	// open the supported CSV files (all IPv4 from MaxMind are supported) 
	GeoIP * pdb = GeoIP_open( "GeoLite2-City-Blocks-IPv4.csv", 0 );

	// always lookup by IP number  - eg = 0xC0A80102 
	string k,l;
	if (GeoIP_by_ipnum(pdb, 0xC0A80102, &k, &l) ) {
		cout << "Matching IP " << ip << "  key = "  << k << " label= " << l << endl;
	} else {
		cout << "Matching IP " << ip << "  Not found" << endl;


GeoIP_open() filename usage note

The filename passed to GeoIP_open() determines the type of CSV file. Currently ftrie supports the Maxmind GeoLite2 CSV files, hence the filenames must match those names.


The focus is on speed -

On a i3/3.3Ghz/3GB Cache/4GB RAM/7200 SATA

vivek@viveku14:~/ftrie$ ./testapi /tmp/GeoLite2-Country-Blocks-IPv4.csv 
Matching IP  key = JP label= Japan
Matching IP  key = JP label= Japan

Finished 10M lookups in 1940.54 milliseconds  at rate 5.1532e+09 per second

That is a blazing 5.15M totally random lookups/second !!

Comparison with libmaxminddb

This library was written to overcome the slow and cumbersome new API from GeoLite2

Here are the numbers for the libmaxmind API. Note we are not even accessing the fields, just stopping at getentrydatalist(..) and also used the sockaddr API to eliminate the performance impact of conversion of dotted decimal string to a 32bit IP number.

vivek@viveku14:~/ftrie$ g++  testmmdb.cpp   -lmaxminddb -O2 -o testmmdb -std=c++11
vivek@viveku14:~/ftrie$ ./testmmdb /tmp/GeoLite2-City.mmdb 
Finished 10M lookups in 25295.8 milliseconds  at rate 3.95323e+08 per second

So we have a 12X improvement !!

There is however a small memory tradeoff.

  • The libmaxminddb uses 75MB for the CITY database,
  • This libftrie uses 206MB for the CITY database


Support IPv6 Reduce memory use further

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