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IOC based on Client Hello fingerprinting


JA3 Prints Database moved to new repository trisulnsm/ja3prints Please submit any pull requests there. Thanks !

An experimental Trisul plugin for collecting client hello fingerprints.

Requires the sweepbuf.lua buffer parsing library

This method is an implementation of

Change to original - handle GREASE

I deployed this script on a live Trisul system and noticed a unexpectedly huge number of hashes streaming by. I dug a bit deeper and found that Google Chrome was the culprit, they were randomly inserting reserved values of TLS Ciphers, Extensions, and EllipticCurve in the Client Hello. Why on earth would they do that !! Well it turns out there is a Draft-RFC called GREASE that explains this behavior.

What jahash.lua does

It does 2 things.

  1. A reassembly_handler -- parses Client Hello and pulls out the fields required for the ja3 hash. The chunk of LuaJIT code at the beginning is a neat way to safely parse packets in LUA. API Docs

  2. A new counter group -- meters hashes and uses the new TRISUL EDGE stream graph analytics to add SNI and Flow Based Vertices


The relevant piece of code that removes the GREASE values

      -- kick out GREASE values  from all tables (see RFC) 
      -- since they can appear at random positions (generating a different hash)
      -- we need to remove them completely 
      for _, ja3f_tbl in ipairs( { ja3f.Cipher, ja3f.SSLExtension, ja3f.EllipticCurve} ) do
          for i=#ja3f_tbl,1,-1 do
            if  GREASE_tbl[ja3f_tbl[i]] then table.remove(ja3f_tbl,i);  end

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