Share your favorite audio gear (stuff you own, stuff you've tried, and stuff you want to try) with others!
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Audio Profiles

"Share your Sweet Sounding Stuff"

AudioProfiles is a new site where audiophiles, audio enthusiasts, and anyone interested in audio gear can make a profile to show off their stuff.

It should be implemented in three feature phases, rougly listed below.

Implementation and Feature Plan

  1. Simple profiles.

    • Users should be able to create an account, log in, and edit simple profile information,
    • Text description of gear in freeform list form. Markdown syntax.
    • Other users (including the public) should be able to view the profile easily at a global URL such as
  2. More complex profiles.

    • Users can add gear from a universal database of gear using a slick interface (search-as-you-type and selecting)
    • Images for both Users (profile photos) and gear (single assets, or albums connected to users?) using the Dragonfly gem.
    • Listing of gear by category, with statistics (number of owners, etc)
    • Add gear that doesn't yet exist quickly and easily, with only simple information such as name, type, approximate price, and manufacturer.
    • See who has what gear while browsing gear. Perhaps gear could be listed on profiles by category.
  3. More complex gear functionality.

    • User notes and reviews. Notes can be private or public, reviews are always public.
    • Quick ratings, including a way to easily mass-rate your stuff (especially good if this phase is an upgrade)
    • Purchase links, and purchase prices per user; to come up with an "average price."
    • "Status" - tags. "listened to", "own", "want", "to buy", etc. Ala Goodreads? Could also be fixed options, custom tags not entirely necessary but would be nice.
    • Improve gear listing page based on reviews, ratings, and views to help find popular gear.
    • Review rating and reputation system like reddit. Up/downvotes plus inline display of user's karma.
  4. Extend to other gear types if possible.

    • Video/Home Theater
    • Etc.
    • Rename to "StuffProfiles"
    • "Promoting Materialism and Vanity since 2012."