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Fix error when assigning NaN to an integer column

Also covers any non-castable case by returning nil, which
is in-line with the intention of the former implementation,
but covers the odd cases which respond to to_i but raise
an error when it's called, such as NaN, Infinity and -Infinity.

Fixes #8757
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1 parent 85afc11 commit 807e176aba7804cad8d630d04f3b771011be4fe6 @trisweb committed Jan 6, 2013
@@ -4,10 +4,11 @@
*Rob Worley*
-* Fix undefined method `to_i` when calling `new` on a scope that uses an Array.
- Fixes #8718, #8734.
+* Fix undefined method `to_i` when calling `new` on a scope that uses an
+ Array; Fix FloatDomainError when setting integer column to NaN.
+ Fixes #8718, #8734, #8757.
- *Jason Stirk*
+ *Jason Stirk + Tristan Harward*
* Rename `update_attributes` to `update`, keep `update_attributes` as an alias for `update` method.
This is a soft-deprecation for `update_attributes`, although it will still work without any
@@ -17,7 +18,7 @@
*Amparo Luna + Guillermo Iguaran*
* `after_commit` and `after_rollback` now validate the `:on` option and raise an `ArgumentError`
- if it is not one of `:create`, `:destroy` or ``:update`
+ if it is not one of `:create`, `:destroy` or `:update`
*Pascal Friederich*
@@ -206,11 +206,7 @@ def value_to_integer(value)
when TrueClass, FalseClass
value ? 1 : 0
- if value.respond_to?(:to_i)
- value.to_i
- else
- nil
- end
+ value.to_i rescue nil
@@ -57,6 +57,12 @@ def test_type_cast_object_without_to_i_to_integer
assert_nil column.type_cast(
+ def test_type_cast_nan_and_infinity_to_integer
+ column ="field", nil, "integer")
+ assert_nil column.type_cast(Float::NAN)
+ assert_nil column.type_cast(1.0/0.0)
+ end
def test_type_cast_time
column ="field", nil, "time")
assert_equal nil, column.type_cast('')

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