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Building cxxi project on Windows using Visual Studio 2010
- Install cmake
I have 2.8.8 version
- Install Tortoise Git
I've installed it into "C:\Program Files (x86)"
- Install Tortoise SVN
I've installed with command line toolset.
1. LLVM & clang
> mkdir cppreflect & chdir cppreflect
> svn co llvm
( I've used revision: -r 172262 )
(Referred instructions )
> cd llvm/tools
> svn co clang
> cd ../..
(I've used revision: -r 172262)
(Referred instructions: )
Don't close console yet - and -
Press (Windows)+R - Start cmake-gui.
- Browse soure code - pinpoint to newly added path.
(I for example had: E:/projects_prototype/cppreflect/llvm )
In where to build binaries - select llvm path with /build - like
for me: E:/projects_prototype/cppreflect/llvm/build
Press configure - select "Visual Studio 10" - Ok.
Wait for configure to complete and press "Generate".
Go with explorer into build folder and open LLVM.sln with Visual studio.
Right click on 'clang' project and build it.
For development purposes - it's recommended to use 'Debug' / Win32
because release builds have optimizations enabled - re-compiling
same source code will be slow.
If you're not planning to develop cxxi further - 'Release' is your
It's not recommended to build everything - since it will consume more
your time - runs tests and do everything you don't want it to do.
2. cxxi
In console window type:
> set PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin;%PATH%
> git clone cxxi_trunk
> cd cxxi_trunk\build
> premake4.exe vs2010
Use explorer and go to into the same folder cxxi_trunk\build -
and open Cxxi.sln from there.
Compile code.
Compiled binaries will be located in
Have Fun.
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