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Welcome to FRETBursts's documentation!

Author:Antonino Ingargiola
Version:|version| (:doc:`release notes <releasenotes>`)

FRETBursts is an open-source (GPLv2) python package for burst analysis of freely-diffusing single-molecule FRET data for single and multi-spot experiments.

See :ref:`getting-started` for installation instructions. The development version can be found on the GitHub repository. For information on new versions see :doc:`release notes <releasenotes>`.

This documentation contains installation instructions and the reference API documentation.

Other FRETBursts-related resources include:

  • FRETBursts Homepage: general overview of FRETBursts features and philosophy.
  • FRETBursts Tutorials a list of Jupyter Notebooks that can be either viewed online or downloaded and executed locally.
  • bioRxiv paper detailed description of burst analysis and FRETBursts usage.
  • Blog post announcing the bioRxiv paper.

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