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# The language name. This will influence the language key in the translation files.
# It's recommended to follow this syntax: xx_XX
# It's also not recommended changing this after someone has joined your server,
# as their language will reset to default.
# This is the encoded flag code to show up the banner.
# To get a working code, you should visit and create your banner.
# When you finish, you should notice that the link as changed. Just copy the code generated by it.
# i.e. If the link is then the code will be eapwplpnpmbzbj
flag: eapwplpnpmbzbj
# The Minecraft code is the Minecraft language code. You can find a complete list here:
minecraft-code: [ en_GB, en_AU, en_CA, en_NZ, en_PT, en_UD, en_US ]
# The display name. This will be the language name in non-code version. For example, en_UK should be English (UK)
# Feel free to use colours here!
display-name: '&3English (UK)'
# The languages to check for translations when this language does not have them.
# The main language is also always checked last, even if you leave this empty.
- pt_PT
# Use this to run commands on language change.
# The commands must not start with a slash.
# Prefix with the desired type. Available types: 'PLAYER', 'SERVER', 'BUNGEE', 'BUNGEE_PLAYER'.
# i. e. "PLAYER:say I'm using English now!"
# You can also limit the command to certain servers:
# i. e. "BUNGEE:lobby,lobby-2,lobby-3:alert This will only run on 3 servers!"
# NOTE: If a command you're using contains a ':' and you want it to be universal, do something like this:
# i. e. "PLAYER::give @a minecraft:dirt"
# Please uncomment the lines below to start using this feature.
# Available variables:
# %player% - Replaced with the player's name.
# %uuid% - Replaced with the player's UUID (with dashes).
# commands:
# - 'SERVER:say %player% (%uuid%) has just changed their language!'
flag: bacLlt
minecraft-code: [ pt_PT, pt_BR ]
display-name: '&3Portuguese (Portugal)'
fallback-languages: []
# commands:
# - 'SERVER:say %player% (%uuid%) has just changed their language!'
# The main language is the fallback language. If some message is not found, it will try to get it from here before
# returning an error message.
# Also, if you delete any language, the players with that language will have their language changed to this.
main-language: en_GB
# When enabled, the commands inside each language will run when the player joins.
run-language-commands-on-join: false
# When enabled, the plugin will set the player's Triton language to their game language every time.
# By default, the plugin only does this when they join the server for the first time.
# It is recommended to leave this off for user experience reasons.
force-client-locale-on-join: false
# Automatically reload the plugin (equivalent to /twin reload) every X seconds.
# Might be useful if you're editing the translations' folder with symlinks or another program.
# Set to -1 to disable (default)
config-auto-refresh-interval: -1
# To access TWIN, you need a special token.
# To get it, join our Discord server at or DM me on Spigot.
twin-token: ""
# Triton command aliases.
# Add or remove aliases here to customize which commands are detected by Triton.
# The /triton command cannot be edited.
- lang
- language
# Determines how verbose the logging will be. A lower value means less verbose.
# 0 (default): Corresponds to INFO. Logs useful information, such as successfully loading configurations.
# 1: Corresponds to DEBUG. Logs more detailed information about each event.
# 2: Corresponds to TRACE. Logs every action made by the plugin. Useful for reporting issues, but will print a lot of information.
log-level: 0
# This section controls the storage location of player data and translations.
# If using a database, the tables/collections will be created automatically for you.
# You can use '/triton database upload' to upload the local translations to a remote storage.
# The same settings MUST be placed on the Triton config for all Spigot servers under the same network
# Valid options: 'local', 'mysql'
type: 'local'
# The options below this are for non-local storage only
host: "localhost"
port: 3306
database: "triton"
username: "root"
password: ""
table-prefix: "triton_"
# Configuration options for HikariCP
# Do not change if you don't know what you're doing!
# Sets the maximum size of the MySQL connection pool.
maximum-pool-size: 10
# Sets the minimum number of idle connections that the pool will try to maintain.
minimum-idle: 10
# This setting controls the maximum lifetime of a connection in the pool in milliseconds.
maximum-lifetime: 1800000 # 30 minutes
# This setting controls the maximum number of milliseconds that the plugin will wait for a
# connection from the pool, before timing out.
connection-timeout: 5000 # 5 seconds
# This setting allows you to define extra properties for connections.
# useUnicode: true
# characterEncoding: utf8
# useSSL: false
# verifyServerCertificate: false
# Here you can enable and disable certain features of the plugin.
# Every section contains a "syntax-lang", "syntax-args" and "syntax-arg" field. These are used in the placeholders.
# If you change them, make sure to adjust accordingly in your plugins.
# Should the plugin check for placeholders in chat messages?
enabled: true
syntax-lang: lang
syntax-args: args
syntax-arg: arg
# Should the plugin check for placeholders in action bars?
enabled: true
syntax-lang: lang
syntax-args: args
syntax-arg: arg
# Should the plugin check for placeholders in titles and subtitles?
enabled: true
syntax-lang: lang
syntax-args: args
syntax-arg: arg
# Should the plugin check for placeholders in kick messages?
enabled: true
syntax-lang: lang
syntax-args: args
syntax-arg: arg
# Should the plugin check for placeholders in tab?
enabled: true
syntax-lang: lang
syntax-args: args
syntax-arg: arg
# Should the plugin check for placeholders in bossbars? (1.9+)
enabled: true
syntax-lang: lang
syntax-args: args
syntax-arg: arg
# Should the plugin check for placeholders in the MOTD?
# This works by associating each IP with a language that changes when a player changes language.
# When the IP is unknown, the default language is used.
enabled: true
syntax-lang: lang
syntax-args: args
syntax-arg: arg
# If any message contains a placeholder with the key defined in the field below, that message won't be sent to the players (console will still receive it).
# Leave empty to disable this feature (it's disabled by default).
# Example (assuming you have the default values on your config and you set disabled-line to 'disabled.line'):
# If any message contains '[lang]disabled.line[/lang]' it won't be sent.
disabled-line: ''
# Translate messages that go through console to the default language.
# For UX reasons, messages that contain disabled line placeholders aren't touched.
# Changing this requires a full server restart.
terminal: false
# How many placeholders the plugin should try to translate before giving up.
# This prevents infinite loops where the 404 message has a missing placeholder.
# Default is 10
max-placeholders-in-message: 10