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+Flume Redis Sink
+Flume Redis Sink allows you to use Redis as a Flume sink.
+1. Copy this repo into flume_dir/plugins. There should also be a helloworld directory there.
+2. cd into redis-flume-sink
+3. Build by running 'ant'. A redis-sink_plugin.jar should be created.
+4. Modify your flume-site.xml. If the following property exists then simply
+append the following value to the existing value with a comma.
+> <configuration>
+> <property>
+> <name>flume.plugin.classes</name>
+> <value>org.apache.flume.plugins.redis.RedisSink</value>
+> <description>Comma separated list of plugin classes</description>
+> </property>
+> </configuration>
+5. Setup your FLUME_CLASSPATH to reference the necessary jars
+> export FLUME_CLASSPATH=$FLUME_CLASSPATH:flume_dir/plugins/flume-redis-sink/redis-sink_plugin.jar:flume_dir/plugins/flume-redis-sink/lib/jedis-1.5.2.jar:flume_dir/plugins/flume-redis-sink/lib/commons-pool-1.5.5.jar
+> redisSink("host:post", db, ["list_name"])
+By default, this plugin will push to a list named "flume". This value can be changed
+either through the config value above or by setting a string attribute on the Flume event
+with the name "destination_list".

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