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Error processing inline-if twig statement #37

rbrv opened this issue Mar 10, 2020 · 8 comments

Error processing inline-if twig statement #37

rbrv opened this issue Mar 10, 2020 · 8 comments


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rbrv commented Mar 10, 2020

Got this error while testing:


[error] templates/shop/products/_item.twig: Error: ERROR: Invalid token
[error]   2 |                         <select name="purchasableId" id="purchasableId" class="purchasableId">
[error]   3 |                             {%- for purchasable in product.getVariants() -%}
[error] > 4 |                                 <option {% if not purchasable.isAvailable %}disabled{% endif %}>
[error]     |                                         ^
[error]   5 |                                     {{ purchasable.description }}
[error]   6 |                                     {{
[error]   7 |                                         purchasable.salePrice|commerceCurrency(
[error] A tag must consist of attributes or expressions. Twig Tags are not allowed.
[error]     at TokenStream.error (/mytestproject/node_modules/melody-parser/lib/index.js:1359:22)
[error]     at Parser.error (/mytestproject/node_modules/melody-parser/lib/index.js:830:21)
[error]     at Parser.matchAttributes (/mytestproject/node_modules/melody-parser/lib/index.js:818:22)
[error]     at Parser.matchElement (/mytestproject/node_modules/melody-parser/lib/index.js:726:14)
[error]     at Parser.parse (/mytestproject/node_modules/melody-parser/lib/index.js:627:32)
[error]     at Object.parse (/mytestproject/node_modules/melody-extension-core/lib/index.js:1187:36)
[error]     at Parser.matchTag (/mytestproject/node_modules/melody-parser/lib/index.js:857:29)
[error]     at Parser.parse (/mytestproject/node_modules/melody-parser/lib/index.js:610:32)
[error]     at Parser.matchElement (/mytestproject/node_modules/melody-parser/lib/index.js:736:41)
[error]     at Parser.parse (/mytestproject/node_modules/melody-parser/lib/index.js:627:32)

Source file

                        <select name="purchasableId" id="purchasableId" class="purchasableId">
                            {%- for purchasable in product.getVariants() -%}
                                <option {% if not purchasable.isAvailable %}disabled{% endif %}>
                                    {{ purchasable.description }}
                            {%- endfor -%}


    "tabWidth": 4,
    "plugins": ["./node_modules/prettier-plugin-twig-melody"],
    "twigMultiTags": [
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twbartel commented Mar 16, 2020

Hi @rbrv, this is a limitation in the Melody parser (separate project). I cannot give an ETA for a fix, but issues like that can be worked around by doing something like

{%- for purchasable in product.getVariants() -%}
    {% set optionDisabled = not purchasable.isAvailable ? 'disabled' : '' %}
    <option {{ optionDisabled }}>
{%- endfor -%}

Does this help you for now?

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rbrv commented Mar 16, 2020

I understand. We can change to code as you proposed. Thanks for the follow-up!

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eelke commented May 26, 2020

Ran into the same issue, confirming that the work around does its job for now.

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NeOMakinG commented Jun 17, 2020

Trying to implement it inside the PrestaShop repository for our twig files, since we've a bunch of stuff already done, we can't use a workaround like setting the var before :/

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spoeken commented Sep 25, 2020

What would it take to fix this?

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Khartir commented Oct 5, 2020

@twbartel Is there an issue open for this in the parser project? I looked for one and couldn't find it. Did I miss it or has no issue been opened yet?

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rubas commented Feb 10, 2021

@twbartel Do you have any update on this? This makes porting an existing code base over pretty annoying ...

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rubas commented Feb 11, 2021

The ternary operator works.

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