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Reportoire is a simple set of classes to apply the repository pattern to your Android application.

For further discussions and information please take a look at our blog post.


Simply add the corresponding gradle dependency to your application's build.gradle:

dependencies {

    // Core
    compile 'com.trivago.reportoire:reportoire-core:{latest_version}'
    // rxV1
    compile 'com.trivago.reportoire:reportoire-rxV1:{latest_version}'
    // rxV2
    compile 'com.trivago.reportoire:reportoire-rxV2:{latest_version}'


Here is an example implementation that would first ask a memory source and afterwards a network one.

 * Simple source that uses an API client to query data.
class MyNetworkSource : CachedObservableSource<Model, String>() {

    // CachedObservableSource

    override fun onCreateResultObservable(input: String?): Observable<Result<Model>> {
        return mApiClient.getModel(input)

 * Repository that will try to get the cached data first before trying a network request.
class RxMemoryNetworkRepository : Repository<Model>() {

    // Members

    private val mMemorySource = MemorySource<Model, String>()
    private val mNetworkSource = MyNetworkSource()

    // Public API

    fun getModel(input: String): Observable<Source.Result<Model>> {

        // Get the cached result
        val cachedResult = mMemorySource.getResult(input)

        // Check if it is a success
        if (cachedResult is Source.Result.Success) {

            // If so simply emit the result
            return Observable.just(cachedResult)

        // Else subscribe to the network observable
        return mNetworkSource.resultObservable(input)
                .doOnNext { result ->

                    // And save the result in the memory source if it is a success
                    if (result is Source.Result.Success) {
                        mMemorySource.setModel(input, result.model)

    // Repository

    override fun allSources(): List<Source<Model, *>> {
        return listOf(mNetworkSource, mMemorySource) // Return a list of the used sources



Base class for every repository you build. Here we combine every source. See above for an example.


This is the Base source interface. Every source must implement the following methods:

 * Tells the source that its on-going task should be
 * cancelled.
fun cancel()

 * Tells the source that everything that has been 
 * cached so far should be reset.
fun reset()

 * Returns true if the source is currently getting the
 * result. Otherwise false.
fun isGettingResult(): Boolean


A source that immediately returns a result for a given input.

 * Immediately returns the result.
fun getResult(input: TInput?) : Source.Result<TModel>


A source that calls the given callback once there is a result.

 * Pass in a callback that will return the result once
 * done or if an error occurs.
fun fetchResult(input: TInput?, callback: ResultCallback<TModel>)

##rxV1 & rxV2


A simple rxjava based source.

 * Returns an observable emitting the result. 
fun resultObservable(input: TInput?): Observable<Source.Result<TModel>>


An abstract RxSource source that will use the specified observable or resubscribe to the previous one if possible. Internally it uses the cache operator.

 * Override this method and supply a new observable that will be used to fetch the result.
abstract fun onCreateResultObservable(input: TInput?): Observable<Result<TModel>>


If you have any issues running the app after including this library, concider to check this RxRelay issue and update RxRelay to either 1.2.0 or 2.0.0.


Reportoire was built by trivago 🏨


Reportoire is licensed under Apache Version 2.0.