A right-to-left mixin set to create right-to-left and left-to-right css out of one scss-source
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rtl-scss-kit is a collection of mixin files which will help to build the specific stylesheets for right to left and left to right platform without post-processing css.

the problem

when we write stylesheets for right to left platforms we have basically have to mirror all properties like margin-left, float, border-right and so on. When we need a float: left in our ltr stylesheet in the rtl stylesheet we will need to flip this to float: right

the solution in scss

use the global ltr/rtl definitions and include them.

// import ltr-config
@import "foundation/ltr";
// styles
@import "site";

and the corresponding rtl base file include the rtl-config

// import rtl-config
@import "foundation/rtl";
// import styles
@import "site";

the global rtl/ltr config files are responsible for setting the global left/right defintions:

// _ltr.scss
$left: left;
$right: right;
$dir: ltr;
// _rtl.scss
$left: right;
$right: left;
$dir: rtl;

we can then make usage of the mixin which will produce the according left and right properties for our layout. e.g.

// _nav.scss
.navigation {
  @include float(left);

will result in

// base.ltr.css
.navigation {
  float: left;

in the base ltr stylesheet and in

// base.rtl.css
.navigation {
  float: right;

in rtl base stylesheet

the solution in twig

with twig and template inheritance and usage of block statements we can easily adapt to load only the specific stylesheet and also exchange dir-attributes on the html-node

// index.php
if ($viewtype == "rtl") {
    echo $twig->render('base.rtl.twig');
else {
    echo $twig->render('base.twig');

the base file defines the blocks and structure

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html {% block dirattr %}dir="ltr"{% endblock %}>
    {% block metatags %}
        <meta charset="utf-8">
    {% endblock %}
    {% block stylesheets %}
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/base.ltr.css">
    {% endblock %}

we inheritate the base-template for the right-to-left layouts from the main template and replace the markup and stylesheet location

{% extends "base.twig" %}
{% block dirattr %}dir="rtl"{% endblock %}
{% block stylesheets %}
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/base.rtl.css">
{% endblock %}

view demo with twig

you need php a webserver and composer installed. clone the repo and run

composer install

open index.php in your browser