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Proof-of-concept app for playing tabla compositions using MIDI.js

Demo available online.

It uses sound samples by Pete Lockett (with permission) downloaded from here:

Sample Note Decimal
Hi Vhoop A0 21
flick Bb0 22
ge open attack B0 23
ge open C1 24
ge quick Db1 25
ge soft open hi D1 26
ge soft open Eb1 27
ge stacatto E1 28
gu bend up F1 29
ke 3 Gb1 30
na open G1 31
na Ab1 32
ne A1 33
silence Bb1 34
ta B1 35
te 3 C2 36
te Db2 37
thun D2 38
ti 2 Eb2 39
ti E2 40
tin 2 F2 41
tin Gb2 42

Look up mapBols in js/play.js for mapping to tabla bols.


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