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Technical challenge: OAuth 2.0 server and client
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OAuth 2.0 Client and Server

Technical challenge: implement resource server, authorization service and client application, following an OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code grant type protocol.

An illustration example (source): OAuth 2.0 Architecture

Application is implemented as a three separate components:

  • ClientApp - runs on port 9000 and provide 2 endpoints: /current_time and /epoch_time
  • AuthService - runs on port 9001 and manages authorization tokens
  • ResourceServer - runs on port 9002 and contains protected time resources

In order to run the application, please execute the following command:

sudo docker-compose build && sudo docker-compose up

There are also implemented two example test suites:

  • tests/ - run by python3 -m unittest discover tests/ when all services are started
  • AuthService/tests/ - run by cd AuthService/ && python3 -m unittest discover tests/; cd -
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