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Portable CL:*FEATURES*
Common Lisp
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trivial-features ensures consistent *FEATURES* across multiple Common Lisp implementations.

For example, on MacOS X platforms, while most Lisps push :DARWIN to *FEATURES*, CLISP and Allegro push :MACOS and :MACOSX instead, respectively. Some Lisps might not push any feature suggesting MacOS X at all. trivial-features will make sure all Lisps will have :DARWIN in the *FEATURES* list when running on MacOS X. This way, you can write

#+darwin foo #-darwin bar

instead of

#+(or darwin macos macosx) foo
#-(or darwin macos macosx) bar

The included document describes the set of symbols that should or should not be present in CL:*FEATURES* on certain circumstances. This specification is implemented by the TRIVIAL-FEATURES system which supports a handful of Lisps.

The test suite is, in effect, an implementation using CFFI that is checked against the various implementations in src/tf-*.lisp.

trivial-features is MIT-licenced.

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