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Add explanation of weakness in hash tables #2

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Nowhere Man Luís Oliveira
Nowhere Man

The semantics of the various possible arguments for :weakness is not obvious, so I added an explanation.

Luís Oliveira

Sorry for the delay. I wasn't getting issue notifications for this project. Commited as 26f9e6a, thanks!

Luís Oliveira luismbo closed this
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Apr 30, 2012
Nowhere Man kephas Explain hash table weakness options f93e949
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6 trivial-garbage.lisp
@@ -203,6 +203,12 @@
203 203 is to signal an error). @code{weakness} can be one of @code{:key},
204 204 @code{:value}, @code{:key-or-value}, @code{:key-and-value}.
205 205
  206 + If @code{weakness} is @code{:key} or @code{:value}, an entry is
  207 + kept as long as its key or value is reachable, respectively. If
  208 + @code{weakness} is @code{:key-or-value} or @code{:key-and-value},
  209 + an entry is kept if either or both of its key and value are
  210 + reachable, respectively.
  211 +
206 212 @code{tg::make-hash-table} is available as an alias for this
207 213 function should you wish to import it into your package and shadow
208 214 @code{cl:make-hash-table}."

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