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A fast menu generator for the Openbox Window Manager.
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A fast pipe/static menu generator for the Openbox Window Manager, with support for icons.


usage: obmenu-generator [options]

    -p         : generate a dynamic menu (pipe)
    -s         : generate a static menu
    -i         : include icons
    -m <id>    : menu id (default: 'root-menu')
    -t <label> : menu label text (default: 'Applications')

    -S <file>  : path to the file
    -C <file>  : path to the file
    -o <file>  : path to the menu.xml file
    -u         : update the config file
    -r         : regenerate the config file
    -d         : regenerate icons.db
    -c         : reconfigure openbox automatically
    -R         : reconfigure openbox and exit
    -h         : print this message and exit
    -v         : print version and exit

        obmenu-generator -p -i     # dynamic menu with icons
        obmenu-generator -s -c     # static menu without icons
  • Config file: ~/.config/obmenu-generator/
  • Schema file: ~/.config/obmenu-generator/


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