Predictive Data Usage using HMM on CellTowers
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Predictive Data Usage using Linear Prediction, Kalman Filter and PCR on CellTowers

Table of Contents

  • Project Version
  • Dependencies
  • Introduction
  • Tutorial
  • Developer Documentation
  • Licenses

##Project Version


SciPy(and it's dependencies) python 2.7 PyKalman


This is a basic to more advanced application of data usage on cell towers over time.

Beginning with linear prediction, it uses the least squares method to predict how much data is being used in the proceeding days.

Using similar methodologies, we can use a Kalman filter to predict daily data usage.

Current time scale is daily, because the data is not granual enough and the recordings are not recorded on an even enough basis.

PCR and Kalman Filter are under development (PCR may be scraped for better methodologies)


The data that the databases is not publicly available, but the algorithm modules are available according to the license file.

Developer Documentation

Requires specific dataset. Can be substituted with similar normalized data source.


As dynamically generated as possible with matplotlib, generated a map with cell tower locations (as many as we can find), clicking on each cell point should launch dataprep

Taken back seat to other maps.

Data conversion and merging

We take in two csv files, one being mobile_info and log_data and find where the corresponding device id use data on the cell tower. We sum that data over a 24hr period and place it into an array

From there, the data is graphed into matplot lib and displayed correspondingly.


Launched from Data_prep, Predicition uses a Kalman Filter to create a predicted flow of data over the same period of time. There should be three lines that show where the data is going.


2016 MIT License