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IMPORTANT: comment on: What about merging whith Ultisnip using its engine

Snipmate Snippets

This repository contains snippets files for various programming languages.

It was originally written for the the famous snipMate plugin for vim. However today there are at least 3 plugins which can make use of this snippet repository:

  1. snipMate

  2. Shougo's neosnippet has a compatible mode allowing to reuse most snippets.

  3. ultisnip (stable enough to be used, branch master previously snipmate-merge) This code is subject to change. Take it as preview. That branch has additional notes for Snipmate users. at the bottom. In the long run ultisnip will have its own set of snippets, because it is more powerful cause it supports nested snippets.

It is community-maintained and many people have contributed snippet files and other improvements already. Not sure whether it implements all features such as guards - does anybody know?

vim-snipmate was originally started by Michael Sanders who has now unfortunately abandoned the project. Rok Garbas is now maintaining a fork of the project in hopes of improving the existing code base.

Language maintainers

No one can really be proficient in all programming languages. If you would like to maintain snippets for a language, please get in touch.

Contributing notes

Until further work is done on vim-snipmate, please don't add folding markers into snippets. vim-snipmate has some comments about how to patch all snippets on the fly adding those.


For a list of authors, please see the AUTHORS files.


Just as the original snipMate plugin, all the snippets are licensed under the terms of the MIT license.


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