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Gem Version License

oliver keeps track of your git repos in one simple dotfile, making it easy to keep track of the projects you're working on.

"CocoaPods for your git repos."


You can install oliver through RubyGems

$ gem install oliver


Write in JSON, and format .oliver with the GitHub username as the key and the repos in an array as the value.

	"trmml": [
		"oliver", "textymous"
	"madebybright": [
		"Nimble", ""


oliver init [username=repos]

Create an .oliver with the optional addition of username(s) and repo(s). The following will create a file with one user (trmml) and three repos belonging to that user (oliver, cameron, wobble)

oliver init trmml=oliver,cameron,wobble ravenpoetry=raven

less .oliver
  "trmml": [
  "ravenpoetry": [

oliver update

Updates the local repos to match .oliver. Any repo that exists in .oliver that doesn't exist locally will be cloned, and any repo that exists locally but not in .oliver will be removed.

oliver update # ==> Cloning trmml/oliver

oliver list

List all tracked repos.

oliver list # - oliver, wobble, nimble, raven

oliver pull

Essentially git pull each repo.

oliver pull

oliver add [username/repo]

Add repo to list.

oliver add 'trmml/oliver'

oliver remove [username/repo]

Remove repo from list.

oliver remove 'trmml/oliver'