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gRPC based messages broker
Go Dockerfile
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Simple messages broker built for DEVELOPMENT purposes on top of gRPC. Has gRPC and HTTP/2 endpoints.

Run gRPC example:

go run cmd/cmd.go --debug --proto=grpc


docker run --rm -p 7171:7171 trntv/qubs:latest --proto=grpc
go run examples/grpc/consumer.go
go run examples/grpc/producer.go

Run HTTP example:

go run cmd/cmd.go --debug --proto=http --port=8181


docker run --rm -p 8181:8181 trntv/qubs:latest --proto=http --port=8181
curl -X POST \ \
  -d '{
	"payload": "VGVzdCBQYXlsb2Fk"


  • docker image
  • auth
  • messages metadata
  • ack/noack
  • client (consumer, producer)
  • embedded broker
  • usage
  • tests
  • ... a lot of other items already done ...
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