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It's a port of Jekyll whiteglass theme to Wyam world

Original theme can be found in its Github repository


whiteglass-wyam defines couple configuration options. Add them to your config.wyam and set desired values.

Compile CSS

As for now you have to manually add pipeline responsible for generating CSS files from Sass. Add those lines to config.wyam file.

    WriteFiles((opt, ctx) => "assets/css/style.css").UseWriteMetadata(false)

Settings["ExcerptSeparator"] = "<!--more-->";

Right now this setting is used only to determine if there should be a "Read more" button. <!--more--> is a default post separator for Wyam and as for now, changing this setting will NOT change post separator used during site generation

Settings["BlogAuthor"] = "Firstname Lastname";

This value is displayed in the footer of every page