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A vim plugin to view and edit Evernote notes #Current State This is currently in very early stages of develoment; it is still using the official Evernote sandbox until there is a stable version that can read from Evernote.

In the file there is a semi-up to date list of things that need done.


  • Ensure that your Vim has ruby baked-in.

    vim --version | grep ruby should show the +ruby flag.

  • Install the evernote gem.

  • Install the evernote.vim plugin as you would install any other Vim plugin. You can obviously use Pathogen.

  • Add the following variables to your .vimrc:

    let g:evernote_vim_username = "your_evernote_username"

    let g:evernote_vim_password = "your_evernote_password"

    let g:evernote_vim_ruby_dir = "full_path_to_the_evernote_vim_ruby_directory"

For example, on OS X:

let g:evernote_vim_ruby_dir = "/Users/evernotelover/.vim/bundle/evernote.vim/ruby"

#Source Structure plugin/evernote.vim is just a small shim that loads ruby/evernote-vim/controller.rb, where the real work happens.