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A Homebrew package provider for Mac OS X (brewery included).


The modules second home is at Puppet Forge, so this will do the trick:

puppet module install bjoernalbers-homebrew


Use the Homebrew package provider like this:

class hightower::packages {
  pkglist = ['postgresql', 'nginx', 'git', 'tmux']

  package { $pkglist:
    ensure   => installed,
    provider => brew,

To install homebrew on a node (with a compiler already present!):

class { 'homebrew':
  user => 'hightower',    # Defaults to 'root'

To install homebrew and a compiler (on Lion or later):

class { 'homebrew':
  command_line_tools_package => 'command_line_tools_for_xcode_os_x_lion_aug_2012.dmg',
  command_line_tools_source  => 'http://puppet/command_line_tools_for_xcode_os_x_lion_aug_2012',

(Please read the fine manual "Homebrew Installation" for further epiphany).

Note that you have to download and provide the command line tools yourself, which requires an Apple ID! Sorry, dude.