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Slideshow from session done @opencodeqc and @MagmaConf, built with AngularJS using best practices expressed in the presentation.

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Angular.js: Advanced Design Patterns and Best Practices

Source code and examples from the talks given at MagmaConf 2013 and OpenCode.


  • Tip #1: Code Organization
  • Tip #2: Keep controllers simple
  • Tip #3: Business logic belongs to models
  • Tip #4: Create facade to interact with servers
  • Tip #5: Leverage providers configuration
  • Tip #6: Share a Notifications Service
  • Tip #7: Automate your workflow


Thanks to @cliffmeyers, @jhooks, @ryancanulla, @plbabin, @connatser, @bclinkinbeard, Dustin Butler, Wes Jones, Nate Lokers and Robert Taylor all these patterns and best practices comes from team effort

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