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SHELL = /bin/bash
VERSION = 0.7.32
.PHONY: build docs check-venv
# Make Python wheels
default: build
# Prepare VirtualEnv by installing project dependencies
venv/bin/activate: web/requirements.txt executor/requirements.txt
test -d venv || python3 -m venv venv
venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt
venv/bin/pip install -r executor/requirements.txt
venv/bin/pip install -r web/requirements.txt
touch venv/bin/activate
# Shortcut for preparation of VirtualEnv
venv: venv/bin/activate
$(error Please create a VirtualEnv with 'make venv' and activate it)
# Create an OpenSubmit config file for the development server
web/opensubmit/settings_dev.ini: check-venv
python -m web.opensubmit.cmdline -c web/opensubmit/settings_dev.ini configcreate --debug --login_demo
# Run the OpenSubmit development server
runserver: check-venv web/opensubmit/settings_dev.ini
pushd web; python ./ migrate; popd
pushd web; python ./ runserver; popd
# Build the Python wheel install packages.
build: check-venv
pushd web; python ./ bdist_wheel; popd
pushd executor; python ./ bdist_wheel; popd
# Build the HTML documentation from the sources.
docs: check-venv
pushd docs; make html; popd
# Run all tests.
tests: check-venv web/opensubmit/settings_dev.ini
pushd web; python ./ test; popd
# Run all tests and obtain coverage information.
coverage: check-venv web/opensubmit/settings_dev.ini
coverage run ./web/ test opensubmit.tests; coverage html
docker-test-build: clean build
docker-compose -f deployment/docker-compose-test.yml build
# Run docker container with current code for interactive smoke testing
# Mounts the sources in the Docker container - so, as long as Apache
# detects the source code change, you should be able to do live patching
docker-test: docker-test-build
docker-compose -f deployment/docker-compose-test.yml up
# Update version numbers, commit and tag
bumpversion --verbose patch
# Re-create docker images and upload into registry
docker-push: clean build
docker login --username=troeger
pushd web; docker build -t troeger/opensubmit-web:$(VERSION) .; popd
docker push troeger/opensubmit-web:$(VERSION)
pushd executor; docker build -t troeger/opensubmit-exec:$(VERSION) .; popd
docker push troeger/opensubmit-exec:$(VERSION)
# Upload built packages to PyPI.
# Assumes valid credentials in ~/.pypirc
pypi-push: check-venv build
twine upload web/dist/opensubmit_web-$(VERSION)-py3-none-any.whl
twine upload executor/dist/opensubmit_exec-$(VERSION)-py3-none-any.whl
# Clean temporary files
rm -fr web/build
rm -fr web/dist
rm -fr executor/build
rm -fr executor/dist
rm -fr web/*egg-info
rm -fr executor/*egg-info
rm -f ./.coverage
rm -rf ./htmlcov
find . -name "*.bak" -delete
find . -name "__pycache__" -delete
# Clean HTML version of the documentation
rm -rf docs/formats
# Clean cached Docker data and state
docker container prune
docker volume prune
docker system prune