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Factorio mod that blows up nuclear reactors that get too hot
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Ever felt like Nuclear energy was too easy? Now you can have your power production disappear in a mushroom cloud!

This mod is currently meant to explore the possible game mechanics surrounding nuclear power. For that reason, it is currently highly configurable in-game for settings that would normally be fixed at the start of the game. All features can be disabled, or turned down to have no effect on the game. With all bells and whistles, the following scenario could play out: A reactor reaches 1000 degrees, because its heat isn't being used. It starts taking damage, and starts small random fires around it. Repair bots fly in and prolong the destruction of the reactor, but they succumb to the flames one by one. The player arrives, but didn't bring any heat pipes to draw some heat away from the reactor. He is prevented from picking up the active reactor, and must flee as the reactor explodes in a huge mushroom cloud, triggering a neighboring reactor to blow up as well. The massive pollution damages the player over time, so cleanup must happen in short shifts, and mostly by robots. The pollution also attracts the local wildlife, making the cleanup much harder.

Damage over time and explosion is disabled by default, but can be reenabled through the options menu.

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