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* Cheap and cheerful bitsets.
* (C) 2010 Peter Gammie, peteg42 at gmail dot com
* Begun April 2010.
#ifndef _BITSET_H_
#define _BITSET_H_
#include <stdbool.h>
struct BitSet;
struct BitSet *BitSet_init(unsigned int size);
void BitSet_free(struct BitSet *bs);
void BitSet_realloc(struct BitSet *bs, unsigned int newSize);
unsigned int BitSet_size(const struct BitSet *bs);
void BitSet_set(struct BitSet *bs, unsigned int bitPos);
void BitSet_clear(struct BitSet *bs, unsigned int bitPos);
bool BitSet_isSet(const struct BitSet *bs, unsigned int bitPos);
#endif /* _BITSET_H_ */